Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 63- When Do I Teach My Dancers About Mental Skills?
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Ep. 63- When Do I Teach My Dancers About Mental Skills?

Spoiler Alert: ANYTIME! But there's more too it…

It’s summer, which for me as a mental performance consultant means busy season! Lots of dance studios and coaches want to focus on mental skills training in the summer, which is great. It’s our “off-season” or as I like to say, “improvement season”. So in today’s episode, I want to address a question I get a lot… when should I teach my dancers about mental skills? It’s a great question, so let’s talk about when it’s best to train for mental skills.

Here are some highlights:

  • [1m 39s] The best time of year to train for mental skills 
  • [6m 18s] Example: how to start teaching a new mental skill
  • [8m 55s] Specific times of year for specific mental skills
  • [11m 48s] Top 5 mental and team skills to start with

Resources mentioned in the show:

Starter Journal Prompts:

Accountability Worksheet:

Growth Mindset Phrases and Questions:

Teaching/Coaching Philosophy:

Leadership Training (see available courses):

Mental Skills Workshops

Struggling to build a growth mindset? Ready to teach your dancers about confidence?

From 90 minutes to full-day, Dr. Chelsea can create a custom workshop for your dancers. Workshops are fully customizable to the situation and appropriate for school teams, studios, and all-star teams.

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