Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 74 - Stories of Resilience with Corky Ballas & Carolina Orlovsky
carolina and corky

Ep. 74 – Stories of Resilience with Corky Ballas & Carolina Orlovsky

From World Renowned Dancers to Children’s Book Authors

TAs you may know, one of the main themes of this show is resilience. I love talking with successful and talented dancers about their own resilience journey and to hear what they can teach us about perseverance and following your dreams. As for today’s guests specifically, they not only have multiple ballroom championship titles, but they have also coached and worked with some of your favorite dancers on shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars. They even wrote a children’s book that I can attest my 6-year-old loved. There are some wonderful words of wisdom in this episode so listen in as Corky Ballas and Carolina Orlovsky share their inspiring stories of resilience and advice for following your dreams.

Here are some highlights:

  • [6m 02s] We all have a samba rhythm keeping us alive
  • [15m 55s] How competitive ballroom is different
  • [20m 55s] When you start training late and catch up through resilience
  • [28m 40s] Writing a children’s book about resilience
  • [35m 45s] Make big decisions 
  • [38m 15s] Illustrating dance books 
  • [43m 01s] Advice for following your dreams

Chloe Cha Chas in London

Chloe book

The authors of Chloe Cha Chas in London are no strangers to the exciting world of dance. Among her many accomplishments as a coach, choreographer, and highly sought-after adjudicator, Carolina Orlovsky is also a World and U.S. Professional Rhythm Vice-Champion and U.S. Rhythm Showdance Champion. Corky Ballas trained his son Mark Ballas, as well as celebrities Derek Hough and Julianne Hough, into skilled, passionate artists. He is a 3-time World and U.S. Latin Champion. He partnered with Cloris Leachman and Florence Henderson on Dancing with the Stars and was featured in the Super Bowl Pepsi commercial with Sofia
Vergara. Like his co-author, Corky is a revered coach, choreographer, lecturer and performance judge.

Full of lovable characters, Chloe Cha Chas in London follows the riveting adventures of Chloe, a young girl who leaves her home and family to pursue her dream of becoming a professional ballroom dancer. This interactive, colorful children’s book does not shy away from topics such as homesickness, turbulent emotions, and wavering self-esteem; instead, Chloe’s story shows children and big-dreamers alike that they are capable of forging ahead past the stressful challenges of new, unfamiliar endeavors.

The book is informed by Carolina Orlovsky’s own experiences as a dancer, having moved to a different country after graduating high school to follow her heart in spite of her apprehensions. Chloe Cha Chas in London is a testament to bravery—that we should not shy away from pursuing what sets our hearts on fire.

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