Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 76- Functional Nutrition:
functional nutrition

Ep. 76- Functional Nutrition:

The Important Information You Didn't Know You Needed

If you’re a dance teacher who feels like you can’t dance like you used to but just chalk it up to being old, you have to listen in to today’s episode. My guest today is a functional dietitian who was also a studio dancer, college dancer, and cheered for the Kansas City Chiefs. Kelsey sat down with me to talk about improving your ability to sustain energy during long performances and competitions and why we need more minerals in our diet. I seriously learned so much, and not to give it all away, but we need more minerals when we’re stressed, which includes physical stress like exercise! Kelsey also shared her important advice about the dangers of coffee (and no, she doesn’t just tell you to quit caffeine) and so much more. 

Here are some highlights:

  • [1m 15s] Being multi-passionate
  • [3m 00s] Adapting to burnout season
  • [10m 05s] Why we need more minerals in our diet
  • [16m 25s] Your coffee craving could be a red flag
  • [23m 25s] How to truly hydrate your body   
  • [26m 25s] The myths about carbs

Resources Discussed in the Show:

Kelsey Nicholson

kelsey nicholson

Kelsey is a practicing dietitian and a Pure Barre studio owner in Overland Park, Kansas. She has been practicing for almost 6 years with a focus on women's health, metabolism and how to get your energy back. Her practice was inspired by her personal story of hitting total burnout in her 20's while she was still dancing, which by the way is common but not normal! It was from years of under eating and overexercising that led her body to scream at her that something had to change. With a background in dance this is easy to do and unfortunately it had a big impact on her energy, motivation and overall health. She knew she wanted to dig deeper and find a better way to live because if she was not able to function at her best she knew she couldn't give others her best either. Fast forward to now and Kelsey has helped a number of women overcome chronic fatigue, how to truly heal their metabolism and have all the energy to reach their dreams! Of course, she still teaches pure barre each week, choreographs and teaches dance while also spending time at home with her husband, Adam, and 2 kitties. She always says there is no way she could do it all had she kept going down the burnout path and is so thankful she is able to help others make the same changes. Learn more about Kelsey here or follow her on instagram @nutritionwithkels or @kelseyscot 

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