Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 77- Mental Side of Injury

Ep. 77- Mental Side of Injury

How Focused Mental Skills Can Support You After Injury

Dealing with an injury can be devastating to a dancer. And it’s not just the physical pain, but the mental load that we deal with during recovery is substantial. As dance educators, many of us have been through this ourselves, or we’ve had our students struggle with serious injuries that just break our hearts. But why does being injured hurt so much mentally as well as physically, and how do we help? In this episode, I share a case study of how I helped one dancer through a serious injury so you have some tools and ideas you can use the next time you have a dancer who needs support. 

Here are some highlights:

  • [1m 05s] Why injury is so psychologically devastating
  • [5m 00s] Injured dancer case study 
  • [10m 58s] Negative mindset and the influence on recovery
  • [11m 30s] How I recommend approaching recovery from injury
  • [14m 20s] How to help a dancer who has a negative mindset about their injury  

Growth Mindset Workshops

For the dancers who are struggling to push through challenges or stay motivated, custom workshops are available for school teams or studios to discuss growth and fixed mindset. We go deeper than just mindset and apply it to dance by identifying their personal fix mindset triggers and discussing ways to intentionally shift into a growth mindset.

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