Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 83- Live Coaching, Erin T.
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Ep. 83- Live Coaching, Erin T.

Episode 83: [LIVE COACHING] Personal Mindset, Honesty, and Reaching Goals without Pressure


You may or may not yet know that I do a lot of coaching the coaches in my business. This is where I work with dance teachers and coaches to help them discover how they can best support their dancers’ mental skills while improving their own skills. After doing this work for years, I’ve found that many people are struggling with similar situations, and I believe in the value of hearing how other people are dealing with these particular things.

Today, I am excited to share something new with all of you! We’ll be doing a one-on-one coaching for dance educators episode with Coach Erin, a high school coach in Missouri. In this episode we discuss personal mindset tips for dance coaches, how to build up intensity and excitement earlier in the season, the benefit of discussing possible obstacles and reflecting on performances with dancers, and more. 

These episodes will function as a way to come together in the community to support other dance educators, and this is the first of many episodes like these to come. These types of episodes will allow us to see that we’re not alone and also help us gain insight into how things can improve when it comes to both our dancers’ mental skills and our own skills as coaches.

Chelsea: “I also don't think it’s necessarily bad to be honest with our dancers about this identity piece. Just being open with that and honest with them: “Do you ever feel that way? Do you feel like when you get a correction that it means you're a bad dancer?” I think if they know this is still hard for a lot of us and it’s not just that there’s something wrong with you, it’s that this is a skill we have to work on and being able to separate our identity from this one piece of negative feedback.”

Key Highlights –

  • [2m 2s] Personal Mindset as a Coach
  • [8m 18s] The Benefit of Asking Your Dancers: “What Did You Hear Me Say?”
  • [9m 50s] Honesty and Transparency About Who We Are as Coaches and the Decisions We Make
  • [14m 37s] How to Find Success and Reach Goals Without Competition Pressure
  • [20m 16s] Simulating the Magic of Parking Lot Practice in the Studio
  • [25m 52s] Helping Our Dancers See the Potential Obstacles
  • [26m 58s] An Element of Reflection
  • [29m 54s] Our Legacy as Coaches

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