Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 85- Confidence Q&A

Ep. 85- Confidence Q&A

Episode 85: Answering Your Questions About Confidence


Just imagine you get up on competition day and you are pumped and excited but actually not nervous. You know your dancers are ready to crush it today! Just imagine how good it would feel to know you did everything possible to support your dancers and no one is going to be a deer in headlights when they take stage or fall apart today. You’ll be able to just exhale, relax, and enjoy competition day knowing it’s all handled. That’s truly what I want for all of you.

I put out a call for listeners to send in questions, and I picked two to answer. In this episode, you’ll hear from two of our listeners who asked about making sure your new dancers are prepared and making sure we don’t end up with that blank stare, panic look at our first event.

I’ll also be sharing about my audio course, Confident Dancer Formula. If you’re a part of this wonderful community, then I know you take your dancers’ mindset seriously and you understand that it could be the thing that makes the difference for your dancers this year. If you know your dancers need some more help with confidence this year and you want to take that little extra step, then listen in and see if this is a good fit for you because saying most dancers struggle with mindset all season, but then they just hope it’ll be okay when it’s time to take the floor.

“So in order to be able to release any distractions, you have to talk about them first. Ask your dancers, “What do you think might distract you while we’re there?” Talk to them how you can intentionally release that distraction so it doesn't have a hold on you. The idea is to intentionally recognize and then release those distractions so they don't have any control. Remind your dancers of my favorite mantra: the controllables. You can’t control the other competitors so don’t let them control you.”

Dr Chelsea
confident dancer formula

Key Highlights –

  • [2m 27s] – First Listener Question
  • [2m 41s] – Chelsea’s Response to First Listener Question
  • [6m 12s] – Second Listener Question
  • [6m 33s] – Chelsea’s Response to Second Listener Question
  • [9m 07s] – Confident Dancer Formula
  • [13m 31s] – Confident Dancer Formula Bonus Opportunity

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Confident Dancer Formula

How to Mentally Prepare for Competition

An audio course and workbook to make sure your dancers are mentally ready for the big day.

This tool helps you: 

  • – Know how to talk about competition goals with your dancers 
  • – Boost your dancers confidence leading up to competition 
  • – Practice tips to be mentally prepared for anything come competition day
  • – How to warm up at competition for confidence 
  • – And, how to talk to your dancers about the outcome so they are still mentally tough the next time you compete

All it takes is integrating mental skills into the work you’re already doing. No more competition stress and chaos! Let’s get you mentally prepared so you and your dancers can feel calm and confident walking into that competition venue. 

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