Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 87- Flip the Switch
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Ep. 87- Flip the Switch

Episode 87: How to Flip the Mental Switch from Negative Thoughts to Positive Actions


Do you have big goals and dreams for the year, but when it comes to actually putting in the work and practice, you find yourself feeling stuck, too tired, and unmotivated to push through? In this episode, we’ll be talking about what to do when we need a mental reset as dancers or dance educators. Sometimes we can get stuck in a negative mindset, and we need a way to kick us back into a more productive mood. I will share with you ideas about how my favorite old mantra “control the controllables” isn't just about competition and those big events in our life. It’s about all the small things, too. This mantra can help us find the motivation we want to get it all done or even just to show up at rehearsal tonight in a better mental space.

I’ll also be sharing more about my membership, Relevé. This membership is all about building a community for dance coaches on the rise, and it’s open for new members. I created this membership to help all of the dance coaches out there who want to rise up and make a difference for their team and help them through the new challenges that we’ve all been facing lately.

“Whenever I talk to dancers or dance educators who are stuck in a negative headspace, they’re almost always spinning out on what’s not in our control.  My advice is usually to instead, focus on what is in your control and then, importantly, to take a small step forward. Get out of thoughts and into action. We can stew in our thoughts for hours and get nowhere, but taking action is one of the easiest ways to flip the switch.”

Dr. Chelsea

Key Highlights –

  • [1m 49s] – The Dance Coach Membership: Relevé
  • [2m 38s] – “Control the Controllables”
  • [4m 10s] – Getting Caught Up in the Negative Thoughts
  • [5m 30s] – How to Flip the Mental Switch
  • [5m 50s] – Set Your Intentions
  • [6m 44s] – Finding Joy in the Small Things
  • [8m 09s] – Choosing Kindness
  • [8m 20s] – Listening to Those Around You
  • [8m 41s] – Having Time for Reflection
  • [9m 13s] – Being Present in the Moment
  • [10m 35s] – Taking Action
  • [14m 09s] – What is In Your Control Today?

Resources –

The Dance Coaching Membership: Relevé –

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Relevé: Community for Dance Coaches on the Rise

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