Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 89- Natalie Orr
natalie orr

Ep. 89- Natalie Orr

Episode 89: Why Do Human Beings Dance? With Natalie Orr


Have you ever had to grieve the loss of your dream even if it was your choice to choose a different path in life? I know I’ve gone through that, and there were a lot of tears involved. My guest today, Chelsea Orr, has been there too, but she turned her dance experience and passions into a coaching business that helps people understand those hard life transitions in a new way. Natalie is an ex-professional dancer, a teacher, and a dance and life coach with a background in dance anthropology. She works with dance teachers who want to break out of the restrictions of how things should be done, overcome perfectionism, and enjoy the dance journey.

In this episode, Natalie breaks down what dance anthropology is and why music and dance connect us and create such a true sense of community. She also dives into how dance teachers and dancers alike shouldn't let ourselves lose sight of the origins of dance and music in our cultures.

“Be the dancer that encourages the non-dancers that they're allowed to dance. I think that’s a really beautiful thing.”

Natalie Orr

Key Highlights –

  • [2m 26s] – Natalie’s Dance Journey
  • [11m 35s] – Embracing the New Journey
  • [16m 49s] – Taking the First Step of Action
  • [21m 14s] – Natalie’s Definition of Dance
  • [24m 14s] – Dance and Music as Part of Community
  • [28m 57s] – Natalie’s Practical Advice for Dance Educators

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Natalie Orr

Hi, I’m Natalie, an ex-professional dancer, teacher and coach.

I built a successful dance teaching business in my early career and am now a full-time life coach and business mentor.

I am also a content creator with more than 4.7 million YouTube views. My podcast The Rhythmic Body is one place I share my expertize on the evolution of music and dance as human behaviours.

I have a Masters degree in Dance Anthropology from Roehampton University in London, but Spain has been home for the last 10 years.

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