Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 90- Mindfulness and Psychological Skills training

Ep. 90- Mindfulness and Psychological Skills training

Episode 90: Why You Shouldn't Tell Your Dancers to Get Out of Their Head


Have you heard the saying “get out of your head” when talking about athletes who are anxious for a competition or a performance? Oftentimes, dance teachers will say, “You’re overthinking! Just get out of your head,” to encourage dancers to be more present and just dance. I get it, but while that’s generally good advice, it might not actually be helping your dancers the way you think it does. When you ask a dancer to get out of their head, is that considered mental toughness, is that mindfulness, or is that neither of the two?

In this episode, I’ll clarify the difference between mental training and mindfulness, and I’ll take you through an explanation of why “getting out of your head” isn’t actually the best strategy. I hope this episode helps you understand the differences between the two and walk away with actionable strategies to help strengthen your dancers’ mindsets.

With mindfulness, rather than trying to change our thoughts and emotions, we notice and accept them without judgment, allowing us to move forward. The goal is to accept and diffuse the negative thought, not change it.”
rs that they're allowed to dance. I think that’s a really beautiful thing.”

Dr Chelsea

Key Highlights –

  • [1m 41s] – Mental Training
  • [2m 38s] – Mindfulness
  • [4m 15s] – The Fine Line Between Mindfulness and Psychological Skills Training
  • [8m 59s] – Both Approaches Work
  • [10m 21s] – Flow States vs. “Get Out of Your Head”

Resources –

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