Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 93- Mid-Season Goals
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Ep. 93- Mid-Season Goals

Episode 93: Why Setting Goals During Competition Season Can Be Harmful and What to Do Instead


As a coach or a dancer, have you revisited the goals you set over the summer or at the beginning of your season? Have those big goals been on the forefront of your mind as you go to practice every week? There is no time like the present to get razor-focused on your goals!

In January, most people are trying to set big new goals for the year. But for those of us in the dance world, we’re usually mid-season right about now, and it may not feel like the right time to set new goals. However, I say it’s the perfect time if you take the right steps to do it well. Setting goals now will keep your mindset in the right place, help you be more resilient through this challenging season, and even give you that added motivation.

In today’s episode, I’ll fill you in on the six principles of a quality goal, how I approach mid-season goals, and I’ll also share a free download (linked under “Resources”) to guide you through the process. Pause and think about your goals now because there is still time to make them happen!

“For mid-season goals especially, too many goals will mean no progress on anything and a sense of failure. That’s the biggest backlash I see when goals actually cause harm is there are too many, and then you either lose them all or you don't feel like you've made enough progress on any of them.”

Dr Chelsea

Key Highlights –

  • [3m 06s] – Don’t Wait 
  • [3m 42s] – Six Principles of a Quality Goal
  • [3m 57s] – #1: Balance Challenge and Skill
  • [4m 46s] – #2: Goals Must be Authentic to the Dancers
  • [5m 22s] – #3: Commitment Increases with Specifics
  • [5m 47s] – #4: Use Scaffolding
  • [6m 16s] – #5: Don’t Try to be Perfect

Resources –

goal setting
Download the Mid-Season Goals Workbook

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