Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 94- Lazy Dancers

Ep. 94- Lazy Dancers

Episode 94: My Dancers are Being Lazy and Wont Work Hard, What Do I Do?


It can be difficult to help someone who is not motivated to work hard. Sometimes we feel pressure, as a teacher, to be the complete source of motivation. Motivation is a mental process that initiates or sometimes it sustains an athlete’s behavior, but the important part I want to bring your attention to of that definition is that it’s a mental process.

In today’s episode, I’ll be answering a question from a listener, Emily, who is struggling with a lack of motivation in her dancers. I’ll also walk you through the three main reasons that motivation drops: fixed mindset, low autonomy, and fear or failure. I’ll also talk about how to recalibrate dancers’ goals and the difference between protecting dancers’ mental health and dancers’ mental toughness.

“If you believe perfectionism and fear of failure is what’s really going on, you can help them by just slightly recalibrating their goals. They might be focused on a specific skill that they really want or a competitive outcome, and that is paralyzing their effort rather than helping them focus on the process it takes to get there.”

Dr Chelsea

Key Highlights –

  • [0m 11s] – This Episode’s Question
  • [3m 32s] – Understanding The Reason Behind Their Fear of Failure
  • [3m 58s] – Fixed Mindset
  • [5m 45s] – Lack of Autonomy
  • [7m 06s] – Fear of Failure
  • [8m 52s] – Define Success and 100% Effort For Your Program
  • [9m 31s] – Reward Them for Growth
  • [9m 57s] – Low Internal Motivation
  • [11m 40s] – Protect Their Mental Health
  • [12m 14s] – Mental Toughness

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