Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 96- Auditions

Ep. 96- Auditions

Episode 96: Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Next Audition with Caitlin Sloan


Dancers, do you feel prepared for your next audition? Do you know what company or school you even want to audition for? Today’s episode is for all the dancers out there who are getting ready to audition. Caitlin Sloan of The Brainy Ballerina comes back for this conversation because she is an expert in helping dancers decide which path is right for you and helping you feel prepared for auditions. In this episode, we’ll dive into where a dancer should start when you're thinking about auditioning, how you know which company is right for you, and what to do when you have a hard decision to make.

Be sure to check out Caitlin’s website and social if you are getting ready for audition season. I also wanted to say that this conversation became because of a listener question. So, I want to remind you that you can always submit your own questions, topic ideas, and guest requests. Let me know what you want to hear on the show.

“I had to really cut out a lot of this noise of people telling me what I should do and what I could do because, yeah, maybe I could have had a more prolific career and danced with more prestigious companies if I’d made different choices at that time, but I have exactly the career that I wanted because I found a place to dance that had everything that was important to me, and that allowed me to have that work/life balance that I had always been searching for.”

– Caitlin Sloan

Key Highlights –

  • [1m 52s] – About Caitlin
  • [3m 34s] – Where to Start When Thinking About Auditioning
  • [7m 01s] – Figuring Out What’s Right For You
  • [11m 14s] – What it Felt Like to Not Take Her Teacher’s Advice
  • [13m 24s] – How to Know Which Company is Right For You
  • [16m 45s] – How to Physically Prepare for Auditions
  • [20m 05s] – Bad Audition Stories
  • [24m 51s] – The Qualities of You as a Human Will Get You The Job

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