Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 97- Imagery

Ep. 97- Imagery

Episode 97: 10 Miracle Benefits of Effective Imagery


Do your dancers like to close their eyes and visualize their routine before taking the stage? Does visualization help improve sport performance or is it just a popular thing dancers like to do? Did you know that visualization or imagery is not just about picturing yourself doing the dance? There is research that helps explain why it works and why it’s worth your time, but it’s also not as simple as just picturing yourself. There’s much more to it. Today, we’ll be discussing visualization. I’ll explain what visualization is and share some visualization techniques including nine benefits of using imagery to improve your skills. 

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“When you imagine a skill, the effect on the brain is the same as performing the skill.
Why wouldn't you want more practice like that?”

– Dr. P

Key Highlights –

  • [1m 37s] – What is Imagery
  • [2m 30s] – When to Use Imagery
  • [3m 10s] – Why to Use Imagery?
  • [4m 54s] – How to Create a Strong Image?
  • [6m 44s] – Visualization Must be in Your Control
  • [7m 54s] – How Does Imagery Work?
  • [9m 14s] – Why to Think Through Your Routine Before a Performance
  • [9m 54s] – Nine Benefits of Using Imagery as a Dancer

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