Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 98- Perfectionism

Ep. 98- Perfectionism

Episode 98: How to Strive for Excellence Without Being a Perfectionist


Are you a perfectionist? Do you work with perfectionist dancers? I was a perfectionist dancer and a coach, but now I’m a recovering perfectionist. Perfectionism is still a regular battle for me, and it’s really common in our dance industry. Dancers are trained to focus on the most minute details. A pinky finger out of place could change the results of a competition – sometimes literally, and sometimes it just feels that way. In this episode, I’ll help you recognize your perfectionist dancers and learn how to support them so they can be the best possible dancer. I hope this episode gives you a way to talk about this with your dancers or better understand your own perfectionism.

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“The root of perfectionism is usually someone who has tied their self-worth to their dance skills. That’s why we often see it in our most talented dancers. They learned early on that they receive praise and reward for performing well in dance. So, they attached their perfect performances to receiving affection. They can start to believe, “I am whatever I can accomplish.”

– Dr. Chelsea

Key Highlights –

  • [2m 27s] – Perfectionism is a Common Mindset Challenge
  • [2m 58s] – Perfectionism and Mental Health Disorders
  • [5m 18s] – A Continuum
  • [6m 41s] – Where Perfectionism Comes From
  • [8m 00s] – What to Do if You Have a Perfectionist Dancer
  • [11m 35s] – Helping Dancers Detach Self-Worth from Perfect Performance

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