Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 99 - Confidence

Ep. 99 – Confidence

Episode 99: Confidence Myths You Should Avoid and What to do Instead


How do we improve our confidence? As teachers and as dancers, building our confidence is a big topic, and there’s a lot to it. I chose to tackle this big topic with a fellow mental performance expert by my side. My guest today is a fellow mental performance expert who is also a dance expert. Lauren Ritchie is an established mental skills educator, a dancer teacher, and a choreographer. Her areas of expertise include sport and performance mental training and the intersection of wellbeing and mindfulness. Her work has led to the creation of international teacher training programs, dance and sport conventions, The Pioneering Show, The Dance Podcast, and mental performance-based curriculums for dancers, athletes, and coaches. Who better to talk about confidence with than Lauren?

In this episode, we discuss how fake it ‘til you make it is a life hack that neither one of us are a big fan of, we bust multiple confidence myths for dancers and dance educators, and we share those concrete tips that you can use for your own confidence or to support your dancers. Enjoy the episode!

“I said that to a group of pre-professional students a couple weeks ago. I said, “Your brain is not built to make you happy. It is built for survival. Your brain is built for survival, not accuracy.” And so, in these moments, can we challenge ourselves or what we thought to be true about confidence, and I think that when I teased apart where does confidence come from, I wholeheartedly believe it comes from a source of love. You have enough love and self-respect and self-trust that you don't have to be perfect, you don't have to be “ready,” you don't have to do that. You can just do the work. You can invest in yourself.”

– Lauren Ritchie

Key Highlights –

  • [4m 19s] – Confidence Myths: This Idea That Confidence Comes From Success
  • [6m 27s] – The Moment You Realize You Need More Than a Big Moment
  • [8m 53s] – Confidence and Self-Doubt
  • [12m 19s] – Gaining Awareness
  • [13m 23s] – Breath
  • [18m 15s] – Small Moments that Build Towards The Big
  • [20m 21s] – Self-Doubt Practices
  • [26m 57s] – Confidence and Our Values
  • [32m 08s] – You Don’t Have to Feel Confident to Try Something New
  • [40m 02s] – Fake It ‘Til You Make It Hack
  • [44m 45s] – What Confidence Really Comes From

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Lauren Ritchie

Lauren Ritchie (MEd, BA, ESFCC) is an established mental skills educator, dance teacher, and choreographer. Her areas of interest and expertise include sports and performance mental training, as well as the intersection of well-being and mindfulness. 

Her work has led to the creation of international teacher training programs, dance and sport conventions, the pioneering show The Dance Podcast, and mental performance-based curriculums for dancers, athletes, and coaches. Lauren’s proficiency in performance preparation and enhancement has led to supporting youth and professionals in dance, theatre, hockey, music, gymnastics, volleyball, and soccer.

Lauren has been a featured speaker for the Women In Sport Speaker Series, Alberta Dance Alliance, Dance Studio Owners Association, House of Jazz (London), and the Toronto Dance Teacher Expo. She has delivered workshops to prestigious schools and programs like Harbour Dance Centre, the Alberta Ballet School, the Dancer Transition Resource Centre, Capilano University, the University of Calgary, and The Bridge Movement.

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