Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 2- How to Build Resilient Dancers Who Fight?

Ep. 2- How to Build Resilient Dancers Who Fight?

How to Build Resilience in Dancers

Dancers train our whole lives for only a few minutes on stage. Just 2 minutes under the stage lights, just one opportunity to show off what we’ve worked so hard on. And sometimes we leave the stage feeling like it wasn’t enough.

I want to make sure if your dancers leave the stage and feeling like they made a mistake, or wishing they had a  chance to do it over again, that you’ll know how to support them. 

Because dancers have to learn to be resilient. We need to teach them how to bounce back after bad news and how to pick ourselves up and try again when we lose.

Resilience is one of the greatest life lessons we can learn from dance. But it won’t happen automatically. That’s why in this episode we talk about how to build resilience in dancers. 

Why are some athletes resilient in the face of failure and others lose hope? In short, It takes resilience training.  And in this episode I share a 3 part resilience training, including the READ method for building resilience.

Also: if you  have ever had a hard time coming back after a failure, come over to instagram and DM me. I’d love to hear from you.

Here are some highlights:

  • [5m 37s] Part 1: Who is at fault? Who do you blame for the mistake?
  • [10m 09s] Part 2: How do you, the dance teacher, react to the mistake?
  • [14m 19s] Encourage accountability while improving confidence
  • [14m 37s] Part 3: the 4 Steps to the R.E.A.D. method of resilience

Interested in learning more about the R.E.A.D Resilience Method?

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