Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 3- Six Steps for Dealing with Sizable Disappointment

Ep. 3- Six Steps for Dealing with Sizable Disappointment

6 Steps for Dealing with Sizable Disappointment

Let’s talk about that terrible emotion … disappointment. Disappointment is normal, and everyone goes through it, but it can be really hard to get over. There’s  probably  something in your dance past that haunts you. I know I do have plenty  of things I’m disappointed about over the years!  

If there’s one thing you can count on in life, it’s that you’ll have to deal with disappointment. As a dancer there are disappointments around every corner. Not making a team you had your heart set on, losing a competition you felt confident you would win, or being cut from a routine. How come some dancers are resilient through disappointments and seem to easily pick themselves back up? Well, it’s not actually easy to do. Even if it looks like someone got over it  quickly, they are probably suffering in silence because it’s what most of us do. But we can learn from each experience and teach ourselves to be more resilient. As a dance educator, I think it’s an important life lesson to teach our dancers to deal with disappointment. We can’t protect them from every possible negative outcome, that would be doing them a disservice. Instead, we can teach them to have big goals and dreams, go for it, and if you fall short or the opportunity is taken away, you will survive the disappointment and live to dance another day.

In this episode I share the six steps to dealing with disappointment, the story of my own biggest disappointments as a dancer, and how I wish I had used these strategies to get over it.

Here are some highlights:

  • [2m 30s] Teaching our dancers to deal with negative emotions
  • [3m 51s] 6 steps to dealing with disappointment
  • [8m 32s] My personal story of disappointment and the audition that haunts me
  • [11m 24s] Example of using the 6 steps to process disappointment (i.e. what I WISH I did back then)

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