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Dancers with a positive attitude start with a positive mindset.”


Episode 103: 3 Tools to Increase a Dancer’s Motivation Summary: Do your dancers get lazy sometimes? Do you not know how to motivate athletes as

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Episode 102: 3 Tools to Increase a Dancer’s Resilience Summary: This episode is part two of the Positive Coaching Framework Series where we’ll discuss how

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mental toughness

Episode 101: 3 Tools to Increase a Dancer’s Mental Toughness Summary: You may have heard there are four pillars to the Passion for Dance podcast:

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important people

Episode 100: Small Moments and the Important People You Share Them With Summary: Welcome to the 100th episode of the Passion for Dance podcast! In

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Episode 99: Confidence Myths You Should Avoid and What to do Instead Summary: How do we improve our confidence? As teachers and as dancers, building

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Episode 98: How to Strive for Excellence Without Being a Perfectionist Summary: Are you a perfectionist? Do you work with perfectionist dancers? I was a

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Episode 97: 10 Miracle Benefits of Effective Imagery Summary: Do your dancers like to close their eyes and visualize their routine before taking the stage?

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Episode 96: Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Next Audition with Caitlin Sloan Summary: Dancers, do you feel prepared for your next audition? Do

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Episode 94: My Dancers are Being Lazy and Wont Work Hard, What Do I Do? Summary: The word “intention” is becoming a bit of a

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Episode 94: My Dancers are Being Lazy and Wont Work Hard, What Do I Do? Summary: It can be difficult to help someone who is

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goal setting

Episode 93: Why Setting Goals During Competition Season Can Be Harmful and What to Do Instead Summary: As a coach or a dancer, have you

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Episode 92: I May Have Failed in 2022 but I’m Finding my Purpose in 2023 Summary: Do you set New Year’s resolutions or new goals

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