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Dancers with a positive attitude start with a positive mindset.”


Episode 88: Why Gratitude Lists Don’t Work Summary: Gratitude has become a bit of a buzzword lately with people everywhere telling you to start a

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mental switch

Episode 87: How to Flip the Mental Switch from Negative Thoughts to Positive Actions Summary: Do you have big goals and dreams for the year,

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Dr Noah

Episode 86: The Power of Asking the Right Questions with Dr. Noah St. John Summary: If you’ve ever used affirmations with your dancers, this episode

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Episode 85: Answering Your Questions About Confidence Summary: Just imagine you get up on competition day and you are pumped and excited but actually not

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Dawn Walters

Episode 84: University of Kentucky Dance Team Coach, Dawn Walters Summary: We’re going back in the archives today with an interview from 2020 with the

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erin t coaching

Episode 83: [LIVE COACHING] Personal Mindset, Honesty, and Reaching Goals without Pressure Summary: You may or may not yet know that I do a lot

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Station Cleaning

Episode 82: 5 Steps to Cleaning Your Dance Routine While Building Leadership Summary: If I know our dance world, then I know that one thing

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small wins

Increase Joy and Motivation When You Celebrate Small Wins We naturally bond over shared complaints rather than shared wins. Why do we find a better

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shut down

8 Ideas to help you get to sleep and stop those racing thoughts. Imagine this, you’re lying in bed, exhausted from a long day. You

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genetic testing

An Interview with Sarah Haslock Johnson Do you have more slow twitch or fast twitch muscle fibers? Does your body process B vitamins quickly making

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practice variability

3 Steps to Make Sure You Can Compete in Any Context Have you ever had your dancers do really well in practice, everything looks fine

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How Focused Mental Skills Can Support You After Injury Dealing with an injury can be devastating to a dancer. And it’s not just the physical

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