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Dancers with a positive attitude start with a positive mindset.”


Episode 160: How Goal Setting Transforms your Performance on Stage Summary:  Goal setting isn’t just about saying something you want to achieve, writing it on

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Episode 159: 3 Things I Wish I Knew About Saying Goodbye to My Dancers Summary: At the end of every dance season, there comes a

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menina fortunato

Episode 158: Success in Dance is 20% Talent 80% Everything Else with Menina Fortunato Summary: Any dancer dreaming of a professional career is most likely

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Mickela Mallozzi

Episode 157: Why Our Dancers Should Celebrate Dance in Every Cutlure with Mickela Mallozzi Summary: Do you have much experience with dance outside of your

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mental toughness

Episode 156: Teaching Your Dancers Mental Toughness and How to Take Corrections Summary: Do you feel like it’s getting harder and harder to challenge your

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leadership interviews

Episode 155: Unveiling the Power of Year-End Leadership Interviews Summary: Before you dive too fast into next season, do you do a leadership interview and

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young dancers

Episode 154: 3 Ways to Teach Mental Toughness to Dancers between 5 and 10 Summary: Do you teach dancers under ten years old? Can you

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Dance Team Plan

Episode 153: How I Plan a Dance Team Season Summary: In the dance world, summer isn’t just the time for intensives and summer camps, it’s

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Josephine Lancuba

Episode 152: How to Unleash Your Roaring Resilience with Josephine Lancuba Summary: This episode is an incredible story of resilience and how one woman went

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confident actions

Episode 151: Dancers: Growth Happens Outside Your Comfort Zone Summary: Dancers, have ever wished you felt more confident? Dance teachers, have you ever felt like

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Kelsey Nelson

Episode 150: Getting Dancers to Train with Fierce Intention, Go Full Out, and Hold Themselves Accountable with Kelsey Nelson Summary: Do you wish you had

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Episode 149: Understanding and Managing Your Brain’s Alarm Response to Stress Summary: Do you find yourself getting crazy busy during competition season? You’re burning the

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