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Dancers with a positive attitude start with a positive mindset.”

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love languages

How to emotionally connect with your dancers in record time Making a genuine connection with each of your dancers can be really challenging, but it’s

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dance team nationals

5 Mindset Lessons from Dance Team Nationals Why do we compete? If you have dancers who take on big national championships every year, why? Have

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sonja mccord

Confidently Amplify Your Personal Brand with Sonja McCord Do you think that being a professional dancer is out of your reach? I definitely thought so

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one word

My One Word for 2022 and Why You Should Set One Too I don’t set New Year’s resolutions, even though I’m a big fan of

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4 Dance Coaches Share Their Best Mindset Lessons I am a firm believer that we should not have to coach alone on an island. And

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Developing a Pre-Performance Routine for Confidence Mental skills are how you get the most out of your physical skills, and it helps ensure your dancers

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mental toughness

How to Encourage Mental Toughness in our Dancers with Chelsie Hightower Recently I had the chance to sit down with Bri from Apolla Performance and

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Is Your Passion Making You Better or Weighing You Down? I feel like in the dance industry we use the word passion to mean your

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The Shame of Failing at Work-Life Balance Work life balance is a myth, and I have some thoughts on the idea that I want to

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Why Don’t Some Dancers Take Accountability for Their Bad Choices? If you’ve ever experienced a rehearsal where dancers aren’t giving full effort, there’s eye-rolling or

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