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Dancers with a positive attitude start with a positive mindset.”

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dance coach advice

You Are Not Alone I feel like many of us are having a hard time lately. There’s a lot of burnout, overwhelm, and negativity. And

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Dealing with success isn’t always easy… Have your dancers ever experienced success at competition, and then started to back off on the hard work that

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team conflict

Don’t Avoid Team Conflict… Positive team culture doesn’t happen overnight, and it doesn’t happen without a lot of effort and intentional team building. But in

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erin pompa

Helping professional dancers launch an online business Have you ever thought about using your dance experience and education to do something other than teaching dance?

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Have Teachers Who Do These 3 Things We all want dancers who are hard working. Dancers who show up and stay focused during class, Dancers

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my story

The Birthday Episode! It’s the Passion for Dance Podcast’s birthday! One year ago, I started this journey, and because I launched the show on my

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LSU tiger girls

Coach Kandace Shares Her Story Behind the Championship Win What if we were “Like a Boy?” Would you treat us differently if we were male

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my dance nutrition

Advice from Registered Dietitians Melisa and Yasi of MY Dance Nutrition Do you know the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist? My guests this

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cultivate code

Coaching and Mentoring for Professional Dance Teams featuring Sabrina and Amira of the Cultivate Code Today’s guests are Pro Dance Team Coaches and Founders of

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love languages

How to emotionally connect with your dancers in record time Making a genuine connection with each of your dancers can be really challenging, but it’s

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dance team nationals

5 Mindset Lessons from Dance Team Nationals Why do we compete? If you have dancers who take on big national championships every year, why? Have

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sonja mccord

Confidently Amplify Your Personal Brand with Sonja McCord Do you think that being a professional dancer is out of your reach? I definitely thought so

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