Services - Dr. Chelsea Pierotti


a Passion for Dance


If you’re a dance team coach looking for more success during the season while making a bigger impact on your team then you already know that it takes a village and you need a support system around you to make it happen. Join us in the exclusive membership Relevé: a Community for Dance Coaches on the rise


From 90 minutes to full day, we can create a custom workshop for your dancers and dance teachers. Workshops are fully customizable to the situation and I love working with school  teams, studios, all-star teams, and speaking at conventions, and conferences.


If you’re looking to improve your skills as a dance educator consider private coaching that can  be catered to you  and your goals. My approach to coaching is all about honest communication and helping you build confidence in your skills as  a dance educator. Sessions can be a one time conversation,  or a package designed around specific personal goals.


The Relevé Membership

Relevé: A community for dance coaches on the rise is a monthly membership designed to help you create a team of committed hardworking dancers that are a pleasure to coach every day.  I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from over 15 years of coaching, hundreds of hours working with individual coaches and teams, and a Ph.D. in sport psychology, and channeled that into the membership I wish I had as a coach. Relevé isn’t just an online membership for dance coaches, it’s a one-stop-shop for personal growth and support.


Workshops & Speaking

My approach to teaching is all about building the right culture. It's about connections, community, hard work, insight, and growth. So whether we are together for a few hours or a whole weekend, I strive to quickly become a valuable part of your dance community. I put people first and believe that teaching and giving more than I receive is the most important mission of my life. Workshop and speaking topics include:


Private Coaching

My approach to coaching is all about honest communication and helping you build confidence in your coaching skills. I coach the coaches just as I coach the athletes. Which means, I believe you are capable of more and if you put in the work, I know you can get the results you want with a little guidance. My coaching is about connections, community, hard work, insight , and growth. Private coaching options include: